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    Dynamic windows title with Date variables and Date fields

    Shan Ahmed



      I have a table thats Title should change based on the selections of date. And I have DatePicker Calendar objects that is based on two variables  vStart_Date  & vEnd_Date. So I am using them in the table title(Below mentioned expression) to get the date range whenever the user is selecting a date range in the datePicker Calendar. But I have Invoice Year and Invoice Month list box as well so that the users could select them whenever they want to.


      The Problem is, when they select Invoice Year or Invoice Month the Date range from the table title doesn't go away. It stays in the title even the if i select only Year say, 2015 or month January.


      ='Report  '   &'('&''& vStart_Date  & ' - ' & vEnd_Date&')'


      Is there any logic i can add to the mentioned expression here to achieve to that point?


      I would appreciate your help.