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    Loading data through Web-service or Directly from Database?

    Sarathi P


      I am having a requirement where there is a web application which has few tabs along with a Reporting tab. The client wants to have Qlikview application in the reporting tab.


      Solution proposed : Qlikview will be a standalone application which will connect to the oracle DB and the reports will be designed in the UI and will be hosted in the qlikview server. The access point URL will be tagged on to the Reporting Tab as iFrame. so whenever the user clicks on reporting tab, it takes them to the access point link to access the reports.


      New solution request: Recently the client has come up asking what is the need to have Qlikview to load from the oracle DB? Instead why not Qlikview access the webservices where the other tabs are already accessing?




      1. What is the good approach based on the above scenario and why? Could someone explain why to use web service instead of qlikview loading from DB?