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    Identify error using google maps marker



      I'm new in QV. What I'm trying to do is painting with different colors depending on the value (CFR Value).

      The problem is that I'm painting a lot of "Brown" points, but they are not real values and I don't know how to avoid it.


      Any one can help me?


      Here you have the code and the image:


      =if([CFR]<11,'C:\VDFData\PP&B\Calidad & satisfaccion\calidad\run\TOP Reports\cyan.png',(if([CFR]<21,'C:\VDFData\PP&B\Calidad & satisfaccion\calidad\run\TOP Reports\dorado.png',(if([CFR]<41,'C:\VDFData\PP&B\Calidad & satisfaccion\calidad\run\TOP Reports\naranja.png',(if([CFR]<71,'C:\VDFData\PP&B\Calidad & satisfaccion\calidad\run\TOP Reports\rojo.png','C:\VDFData\PP&B\Calidad & satisfaccion\calidad\run\TOP Reports\marron.png')))))))