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    how to change the entire column one date format to other date format while loading the script?

      Hello Everyone,


      I am pretty to new here and a qlikview enthusiastic learner. I have been trying a scenario but getting bugs regarding dates.

      Scenario : I have taken a raw data file , contains fieldnames:

      name, country, gender, Birth_date (ie. in format 'DD/MM/YYYY')

      qlikview default format set to - 'DD-MM-YY' .


      Now my task is while loading the data from the sheet, i want to load the birth_date to the default format

      for which i am using code

      Date#( Birth_date,'DD-MM-YY) as DOB

      and also tried

           Date(Date#(BirthDate,'DD/MM/YYYY'),'DD-MM-YYYY') as DOB


      both are not giving any required resultants

      Can anyone help me out , how to convert this date format for entire column at once.


      Thanks In Advance.