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    Seperator and full monthname

    Christoph Thaler

      Hey guys,


      i've got a Problem, i want to visualize ticket data, therefore i've TicketID and TicketTime.

      TicketTime has the following format: hh:mm:ss
      My Goal is to Show TicketTime just in hours. --> So far that works, but I want to have a Point as 1000-seperator as well (for ex.: 1.627)

      If i click to Settings, numbers --> Interval : Formatcode just h and enter . as 1000-Seperator my result is as following




      may anyone help me to fill in the 1000.seperator

      Moreover i've got another question regarding monthname in the title.

      I want to shot the selected Date in the title, so if 4.Sep.2013 is selected then title should Show exactly 4.September 2013 instead of 4 Sep 2013

      Is this possible and how?

      My approach till now is

        ='Title ' & vDayHeader&' '& vMonthHeader &' '& vYearHeader

      whereby I declared my variables as following:

      vDayHeader:         =IF(GetSelectedCount(TicketTag)=1,TicketTag, ) 

      vMonthHeader     =IF(GetSelectedCount(TicketMonat)=1,TicketMonat, ) 

      vYearHeader :         =IF(GetSelectedCount(TicketJahr)=1,TicketJahr, ) 


      My result is:




      May one help me to Display the full monthname inclusive Seperator (4. September 2013)

      Best regards,


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          Massimo Grossi

          try with MMMM

          =date(Date#('4.Sep.2013', 'DD.MMM.YYYY'), 'DD MMMM YYYY')


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              Christoph Thaler

              thanks, and what should i try to Show my current selection, meaning year, month day


              so that it results in 4.Oktober 2014?


              My years, months and days are generated out of DatumErstellt, thus I tried like this:


              if i set a variable vDayTitle =IF(GetSelectedCount(TicketDay)=1,TicketDay&'.')  it works and gives me 4.

              if i set a variable vYearTitle =IF(GetSelectedCount(TicketYear)=1,TicketYear, )  it works and gives me 2014


              if I set a variable for vMonthTitle like  =IF(GetSelectedCount(TicketMonth)=1,TicketMontht, )  it works and gives Okt


              but the Problem is I want to get full monthnames --> Oktober


              i tried like vMonthTitle  =IF(GetSelectedCount(TicketMonth)=1,date(date#(TicketMonth,'DD.MMM.YYYY'), 'DD MMMM YYYY'))
              it doesn't work

              also vTicketMonth =IF(GetSelectedCount(TicketMonth)=1, date(TicketMonth, 'MMMM'), ) doestn works, just gives me Jannuary though I select July!


              may you can help me?


              otherwise how can i rewrite



              =date(Date#(GetCurrentSelections...., 'D.MMM.YYYY'), 'D. MMMM YYYY')  to get my result?