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    A table visulization related issue?

      Hello All,

      Please guys look at to this one I have done the whole visulization the issue Im facing here is this table visulization is showing every single update of a device , I jus wanted a single device_id which is latest on com_send_time here we have

      24-07-2015 11:54:34 updated .

      This is the device which must be there

      865733022351852       24-07-2015 11:54:34        updated .

      865733022352314       24-07-2015 11:59:18        updated.

      so on upto 535 device_id



      many devices also give " fail" as response code so if there latest data is failed or" in progress" or "not connected" it should show that.



      Do help guys final moment of the dashboard


      An excel for clear vision