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    where condition with 'and','or' and not equal to combination working ?

      Hi All,


      Please let me know how not equal works in where condition works with and or operators.


      Like I have two columns Region with entries AMS and Business Unit with entries 'PPS Commercial' and 'PPS Consumer'.

      I don't need to load the data when Region = 'AMS' and Business Unit ='PPS Consumer'  & Region = 'APJ' and Business Unit ='PPS Consumer' .

      I have written code like below



      Load Region,

      Business Unit




      where (   (Region<>'AMS' or Business Unit <>'PPS Consumer' )  and (Region<>'APJ' or Business Unit <>'PPS Consumer' ) );


      It is working fine but not able to understand how it working correctly . Because as per my understanding it has to be "and "in the place of "or "and vice versa in the above expression.



      Thanks in Advance ,

      Sreehari Satheesan