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    Adding dimension measures to variables in an excel report template?

    Kyle Dube

      Is it possible to add dimension measure to variables in an excel report template?


      For example, I have created a formula for sales $, ASP, Sales PY, Units, Units PY .. etc. I have also added a filter so that it will only show specific products in the calculation of the formula. What this displays is the totals for each formula for the products I have added to the filter. What I am trying to do however is add a dimension measure for territories into the template so that the report will display the formulas I have inputted, for each territory, with the filter of the product on top of that.


      Essentially I am trying to recreate an adhoc report in the excel report template. I am new to Nprint and this is how I have gone about trying to create a template. If there is a different solutions could some please lead me in the right direction.