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    How do I include filter values in reports

    Stewart Judson



      I started using NPrinting today & have pulled in some lovely images and tables, and if I change the filter, the results change accordingly.

      The report I am trying to create will be produced many times for different customers, for this reason, I assume I'm going to need a filter on customer name (how I change that at report generation is a bridge I'll cross later).


      I would like the customer name to appear on the front page of the report, but the filter values aren't objects that I can add.  I have added a table for which customer name is one of the columns and put this table entry on the front page, but the result is in a cell with a border & it completely ignores the Word formatting I specified for typeface, size & alignment.


      How do I make this information appear in the format I want it?


      Regards, Stewart