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    selectValues extension API do not unselect last selected value



      I use the following code to select / unselect dimension values from D3 click event :


      function clickValue(d,i) {    var dim = 0, value = d.dimensionid;    self.selectValues( dim, [value], true ); }


      The dimensionid is populated from hypercube dimension value qElemNumber.

      This was working well until Sense release 2.0.


      Since release 2.0, unselecting the last selected value has no effect (it remains selected in the toolbar). However, a second click on the same value makes the unselection working...


      So the first question is : Why does the selectValues extension API does'nt work when clicking once the last selected value ?


      If I use a simple extension with jquery and "qv-activate" event it does work well. The second question is : How could we handle the "qv-activate" event within D3 ?



      .on("click", clickValue)


      .on("qv-activate", clickValue)

      doesn't work.


      Thanks for any help