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    Single sign on in Qlik Sense

    Nancy Sbeity



      Each time I log in with Qlik Sense hub, I have to put my username and password, even if i am using active directory users for authentication.


      How can i log in to the hub directly, without the need to put the username and password, since it will be taken from the windows directly??

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          What is the authentication mechanism you are using ? You can set the authentication mechanism here

          QMC -> VirtualProxy->Authentication.

          Please note that user directory connectors are not used for authentication.


          Please check this


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            Thomas Hopp

            Hi Nancy,


            this is more a Browser setting than it is a Qlik Sense setting. A single sign on with your Active Directory user without being prompted by the browser is something you can configure in your Browser. And for instance Google Chrome actually utilities the same settings that your Internet Explorer is using.


            If you ope up your IE, then go to your Internet Options and the tab Security, you will find the following options:



            Make sure that your URL you are using for opening the Hub is part of your Intranet Sites. Then you should have the SSO experience out of the box in your IE and Google Chrome. In case you are using Firefox you will have to deal with settings in your Firefox where you need to tell Firefox which URL's are trusted and where the SSO should work. Let me know if you need more details on the Firefox use case or if IE and Chrome works jsut fine for you.


            Best regards,



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                Dafnis X

                Hi Thomas,


                Our SSO worked fined for a document which was accessed by external users who are AD defined.

                Currently, it stopped working for some users. I have noticed that the Google Chrome version is 45.XXX

                It means that they have to enter login details twice.

                For a user with version 44 SSO still works.

                We upgraded to SR12 recently.

                Do you think this may have caused the issue?