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    set analysis ignore selection

    Lennaert van den Brink

      Hello all,


      I am currently converting a Qlikview document to a qlik sense application. The Qlikview document uses a lot of set analysis in it;s measures. Most of these can be copied over to sense and perform as expected. However, I have one expression that does not seem to work in Sense:


      AVG({$<Vendor=, Product=>Sales}


      This expression should calculate the average of sales, ignoring Vendor and Product selections. However, Sense evaluates this expression exactly similar to:




      for all possible selections. I know my expressions are correctly formulated, since they work in and are directly copied from an existing Qlikview document. Is this a known difference in functionality, or is this a bug?


      Also, I'd like to hear if you have any suggestions to rewrite the expression in a way that Qlik Sense evaluates it correctly.


      Thanks in advance!