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    Issue with Index Functions (Index.qvs)

    Ian Tsang



      I am testing out the Index Functions as per the QDF Development Guide v1.5


      1) On page 31 the script is referred to as 13.Index.qds whereas the available script in QDF is 12.Index.qds

      2) The actual script itself fails to run and I think the issue relates to the generation of the tmpTable.


      When I load this script into the editor and check the Inline code, the columns do not appear to match up, possibly due to the additional commas here: ,',$(vL._TAG),',


        LOAD * INLINE [QVDFileName,QVTableName,QVDSourcePath,QVDSourceContainerName,RelativePath,QVDTag,QVDIndexStorageName,QVDTimestamp,QVDFields,QVDTableCreator,QVDNbrRecords,QVDNbrFields


      Also, some of the 12.Index.qds scripts within our deployment the headers are missing from the script which could be due to a previous version of the QDF. I thought script updates would be handled by the Deployment Tool?


        LOAD * INLINE [$(vL._QVDFileName),$(vL._QVTableName),$(vL._IndexQVD)\,$(vL.ContainerPathName),$(vL.RelativePath)\,',$(vL._TAG),',$(vL._IndexFolderName),$(vL.__FileTime),'$(vL.__Fields)',$(vL._QVTableCreator),$(vL._QVNoRows),$(vL._QVNofields)];