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    Error while accessing Single



      I am having sporadic error while accessing Single. It works sometime but most of time I get blank page and when I check browser console, I see the attached error.


      When I checked the logs here is what I could get,

      Error during stream authentication as serverAuthentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream

      Web socket host443 <-> host:53934 failed while reading packets.


      Can anyone point me to right direction. I am not able to figure out what is wrong here. When I refresh the page couple of time, it starts working. by the way I am using SAML authentication.

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          Thomas Hopp

          Hi vishal,


          are you trying to use an Idp or SP initiated SSO by using SAML ? Would be great to get a couple of more details around what you are trying to do here.


          Best regards,


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              VISHAL GAURAV

              Thanks Thomas,

              Yes I am using SP initiated SSO using SAML. I have embedded qlik sense sheet using an iframe in my external portal. My portal and qlik both acts as SP and participate in SSO. On the landing page of portal I have redirected user to qlik and then back to portal so that all required cookies are set for portal and qlik sense.


              I see this issue even when I directly go to Single through my virtual proxy which usage SAML.

              UPDATE :  This happens even if I use windows authentication, If require js and single js gets loaded within 10 to 12 sec , it works fine but in the  errornous situation, single js take almost 20 sec to load.