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    Read fields and values from a record

    Paris Pantelis



      im not a Master in scriping and i have the following problem:


      i have a table (on sql server) with 3 fields:

      1. Record ID

      2. Timestamp

      3. Data


      inside the 3rd field i call "Data", i have several data like Field1:SomeValue, Field2: SomeValue,...,Field_N:SomeValue

      the fields inside "Data" are not the same (in many records they start with "Field2" or "Field3" etc) and previous fields are missing.


      I had an idea to export this table to TXT file and import again spliting data field to many Fields like @1, @2, @3 etc.

      but inside 1st field @1 in some records i will have from "Data" the "Field1" and in some records i will have "Field2" or "Field3" etrc.


      is there a way to read directly from "Data" field the several Fields and Values ?

      Format is allways like Field1:SomeValue,Field2:SomeValue,Field3:SomeValue ....

      The number of Fields inside the "Data" field are not specific


      Any help will be appreciated.