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    Locked fields in List Box

    David Young

      I am hoping someone can give me some pointers with Locked fields in List Boxes.  I have the following layout:

      As you can see I locked Status to "Close", BudgetCode to Not "10-8015...","10-8025...","10-8030..." and CustomCategory to "10-8025-0000..." 


      I have following lines in my Load script under the Work_Orders tab:





      SQL SELECT *
      FROM "SDStaging_CDC".dbo.WorkOrder
      Where AcctNum = $(DudeAccNumb)
      and DATEPART(m, ActualCompletionDate) = DATEPART(m, DATEADD(m, -1, getdate()))
      AND DATEPART(yyyy, ActualCompletionDate) = DATEPART(yyyy, DATEADD(m, -1, getdate()));



      I run this script once a month retrieving the previous months data.  It was running perfectly until this month when the list box changed to:



      The reason is the budget codes I have locked in were not present this month to in cleared the list boxes.  Is there any work around for this situation when there are various in the data set. 


      I have attached a copy of my application for your review.  Any help will be welcomed.