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    Chart idea

    danny rock

      Hello Qlik Community,

      I am trying to represent data on a graph, but I don't know what to use. This is the situation;

      I have people interacting at different events during the lifetime of a process, say the events are called  A ->B ->C->D.


      I want to represent those data using the graph which will show us:

      1) How many interact in A (easy bit here)

      2) How many interact in A and B (Basically A union B)

      3) How many interact in A, B and C (A union B union C)

      4) How many interact in A, B, C and D (A union B union C union D)


      While I was successful in doing this using set analysis, I can only do this in Text Boxes requiring users to read. I wanted to know if anyone was ever able to represent that graphically. Thanks for any comment.