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    Bell curve

      Hi all,




      I need to draw a bell curve for the below data.

      Please help me to do it.


      I used the below link to prepare:

      Recipe for a Histogram

      I have done to some extent but i am not sure that it is correct. please do check and clarify.


      I have attached sample data and .qvf file.




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          Henric Cronström

          If you use a calculated dimension for a histogram, everything will become very complicated... Hence, you should define your dimension field already in the script. Then it is straightforward.



          But I am not sure the data fits a normal distribution...



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              Thanks a lot henric cronstrom,

              Now it's working fine.




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                Hi Henric,




                1)  your reply was most helpful. But one issue. I was using below script to load the data for 5 minutes time interval:

                LOAD *,

                  If(total_time_taken<='00:05:00' ,Dual('00:00-05:00',0),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:05:00' and total_time_taken<='00:10:00' ,Dual('05:00-0:10:00',1),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:10:00' and total_time_taken<='00:15:00' ,Dual('10:00-15:00',2),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:15:00' and total_time_taken<='00:20:00' ,Dual('15:00-20:00',3),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:20:00' and total_time_taken<='00:25:00' ,Dual('20:00-25:00',4),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:25:00' and total_time_taken<='00:30:00' ,Dual('25:00-30:00',5),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:30:00' and total_time_taken<='00:35:00' ,Dual('30:00-35:00',6),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:35:00' and total_time_taken<='00:40:00' ,Dual('35:00-40:00',7),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:40:00' and total_time_taken<='00:45:00' ,Dual('40:00-45:00',8),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:45:00' and total_time_taken<='00:50:00' ,Dual('45:00-50:00',9),


                ))))))))))) as time_interval;


                but now i need show the data for every 1 minute interval , so i need to hard code like below,


                If(total_time_taken>='00:01:00' and total_time_taken<='00:02:00' ,Dual('01:00-02:00',1),

                If(total_time_taken>='00:02:00' and total_time_taken<='00:03:00' ,Dual('02:00-03:00',2),


                Is their any other way to display without hard coding ?



                2)  I need to display the data values of bar in combo chart. how can i done this.


                3) I need to disable the selection so, i have using {1}, but how this can be used for below expression: which should be applied for whole expression:

                only(Normdist(round(total_time_taken,avgTime),Avg({1<subject_id={'2'},subject_status={'passed','completed'}>}total total_time_taken),

                Stdev({1<subject_id={'2'},subject_status={'passed','completed'}>}total total_time_taken),1))