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    How to: Average line based on expression values

      Dear Qlikviewers,


      I've been playing arround with this chart, in which I now want to create an average line based on the blue and red line. Or on Operator dimension in general. If I would have 3 operators selected, then give the average line of those 3 operators.


      I know how to create a straight average line, but I want it to vary with every week. So the average should be based on the expresion.


      Should I define this line by adding a new expression? If so how do I do this?



      Regards, looking forward to some tips!

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Use only UtilizationWeek as dimension and three expressions:

          • O: sum({<operator={'O'}>}daily_cycles)
          • T: sum({<operator={'T'}>}daily_cycles)
          • Average: rangeavg(sum({<operator={'O'}>}daily_cycles),sum({<operator={'T'}>}daily_cycles))
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            jagan mohan rao appala



            Remove Operator Dimension and add 3 expressions below


            For Operator O : Sum({<operator={'O'}>} daily_cycles)

            For Operator T : Sum({<operator={'O'}>} daily_cycles)

            For Average of O & T : =Rangesum(Column(1) + Column(2))/2

            Hope this helps you.



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              Your input, both seem to work very nicely! This is exactly what I was looking for!


              However is it possible in QlikView to also make make the expression act in a dynamic way. What I'm trying to say, This newly defined expression is fixed to the specified operator.


              If I would select another operator in the list box, the graph will still show the specified operators O and T. That is why I put the operator in dimension.


              The addon Im looking for is something like:


              • =If(GetCurrentField(operator) = 'O', Sum({<operator={'O'}>} daily_cycles))


              (this expresion however does not work)


              In words, the expression should: Generate a line based on the selected operator AND should match operator O. So if no operator 'O' is selected it just doesn't show a line. If this is possible I would now be able to make different selections for operators in a listbox, while using the same graph which just changes based on the selected operators.


              I this case I should make this expression for every operator available, which is ok. Is this possible?