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    Redundant: Dual() function in Qlik Sense?

    Philip Hand

      Why is the Dual() function available in Qlik Sense?


      I cannot use it to to show text labels and sum numeric values for the same field as designed (and works in QlikView). Can anyone from Qlik tell me if this be fixed, removed or if I missed a use case that is still available in sense?


      Qlik Sense Application attached. I have also built a simple slope graph in Qlikview using pretty much the same data and expression to show a use case, attached.

      I know I can represent the data differently. That said I took this example from a Stephen Few article which is my default for best practice in data visualization PerceptualEdge - Data Vis. I Also know there will likely be an extension on the Qlik Branch that will replicate this example.


      This isn't the first function I've found that doesn't work and i'm wondering why, If there is already a function available surely it would work or be removed. I feel like I have missed something obvious, can anyone help explain?


      Thanks in advance

      Philip Hand