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    Date Range in Different Month

    Ahmad Hamdani

      Hello all,


      I really hope that you could assist me with the following.


      I have some trouble how to show date range and different month with same date. I use this formula :


      sum({<Date_Fix={">=$(=MonthStart(AddMonths(max(Date_Fix),-1)))<=$(=AddMonths(max(Date_Fix),-1)) and >=$(=MonthStart(AddMonths(max(Date_Fix),0)))<=$(=AddMonths(max(Date_Fix),0))"}, [CATEGORY 2]={"*"}-{'CBU','DEL'}>}sales_qty)


      For example, today is 4th Aug 2015, my expectation, the data will showing 1-4 Aug 2015 and 1-4 Juli 2015.

      I will compare with same dimension = month


      Please help me for this case, and I'm sorry for my bad english, Thank you