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    Sum of Time Intervals

    kevin tenggara

      Hi All,

      I am having trouble with summing up time intervals. My data has the start and end time for an employee and I have calculated the gap between the time using the Interval function.


      Furthermore, each employee is also assigned a warehouse number and I am trying to sum up the gap per warehouse number. I find that the number I get is usually double the actual number that I've manually calculated on Excel, meaning there is an obvious error.


      An example of the data is:

      Warehouse #Employee #Scan inScan OutGap




      Naturally, the correct data would be:

      Warehouse#          Sum of Gaps

      1                         25

      2                         9

      3                         3


      However I am getting exactly four times the expected values. Does anyone know why this occurs and how to fix the issue?


      Thanks and I appreciate any reply greatly.