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    Hide/Show objects based on selection............

      Hi All,

      In my application I am having two objects(LB06,LB07), My requirement is when I click one button will display one object(LB06) and click on second button will  display second object(LB06). Can we achieve this one.





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          Karla Rivas

          Hi Sharath.r:


          You can achieve this using variables an triggers. For instance you can call your variable vShowObject, and set a trigger to change the value of this value when you hit the button:


          1. To create variable: Go to Settings -> Variable Overview -> Add

          2. To add triggers, just go to Actions tab -> Add. In action type chose External in Action field select "Set Variable". Then define the variable an value:




          3. In the properties of the object that you want hide/show, go to Layout tab and add the following condition:


          For the other button you just have to set your variable value to LB07, and also use this value in the other object condition.


          Hope it helps.



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            kushal chawda

            Please see the attached.


            Go to Layout tab of list box. Check action tab of Button