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    How can use Drill Down GROUP in expression of Qlik sense.

    Satish Pawar

      HI community,


      i have created one Drilled Down group in Qlikview as well in Qlik sense which name is GR

      GR is drilled down group of branch_name, branch_type ,loc_code and loc_type.

      Following Expression is working in Qlikview but not in Qlik sense.


      Count({<param_name={'TEMP'}, param_value={'<=-1'}>} param_value)

      /Aggr(Nodistinct count({<param_name={'TEMP'}, param_value={'<=-1'}>}param_value),$(=GetCurrentField(GR)))



      How we can use drilled down group name is Qlik sense expression?

      is it any way like Qlikview?