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    How to edit a pivot table - add an expression as a new variable

    Maria Poulsen



      I'm editing an existing QV application showing the results of different exams.


      One table is made like the one below (showing the results from a given exam on different dates):

      Another table is made like the one below (showing the grades given to the students on different dates):

      Both tables is made as pivot tables in QV.


      Now I want to add the information of Average grade from table 1 to the table below - either between "Not passed" and "Total" or to the right of "Total"


      But when I go to properties- add an expression and insert the code for calculating the average, it is inserted in a strange way like the one seen below:


      How can I add the information of average in a single columnNext to for example "total"??


      Kind Regards Maria