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    Conditional statement in Dimension

      Hi All,


      I want to use the belwo IF stamnt as one of the dimension along with Name in a pivot chart.


      =if((Max(TOTAL <Name> Aggr(SUM(Handled),Name,Date)))<600,'0-600',if((Max(TOTAL <Name> Aggr(SUM(Handled),Name,Date)))<800,'600-800',if((Max(TOTAL <Name> Aggr(SUM(Handled),Name,Date)))<1000,'800-1000',if((Max(TOTAL <Name> Aggr(SUM(Handled),Name,Date)))<1500,'1000-1500','1500>'))))


      How do i do it.


      It works as an expression in a Table and i want that as dimension.


      Or is it possible  to add it as Variable and then in to dimension