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    Accessing hub from client machine using admin credentials

      I have actually run into some sort of a roadblock with the user access pass thing. Will try to explain the situation to as clearly as possible:


      1. I have installed the qliksense server on an AWS machine which I connect through Remote Desktop Connection. I have also published an app on the same.

      2. I currently have only one user access pass allocated to the "administrator". Using this access pass, I am able to access both qmc and hub on the AWS machine.

      3. However, when I try to access qmc/hub from my local machine, it is not happening. I had changed the authentication method in Virtual proxy to "Allow anonymous users". Then, I was able to open hub but it gave me a "No access pass" error on the splash screen.


      So my question is, how can I access the qmc/hub using administrator credentials created on the AWS machine on my local machine?  Right now I am just doing a POC on the same and hence do not wish to use the other tokens.


      I hope I was able to clearly articulate my question.  Please let me know if more clarification is needed.