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    Ajax client hangs, IE and open in server works.

    Gustav Gager


      I have a strange issue with out qlikview server. Whenever you use the full browser client, haft the App is shown, but not everything. I have several tables and none of theese show up and the cursor is just a spinning circle (you know istead of the hourglass). This seems to be the case with several of our applications but some of the smaller ones are still working.

      If i run the exact same application in IE plugin, eveyhing works fine. The same goes for open in server. I have tested on several machines and several dffrent apps on several diffrent browsers. I have also tried running it from the browser locally on the server and the issue is exactly the same everywhere.


      A few weeks ago i upgraded to 11.20 SR12 and eveything has been fine for a few weeks.

      yetsreday the password for the service account expired so i reset the password and entered the password into the services. Averything worked fine util this morning when i found the server beeing "off duty". It happend to be another server trying to use the same license. So i removed the QV license on both servers and added the license for this machine again (same license as befor) and it started fine. But after that, i got this problem. During troubleshooting of the "off duty" problem i restarted the services several times and i also did a repair of the QV Server installation.


      I have also tried restarting all services several times, and i also retsrated the entire machine (Hyper-V VM running Windows server 2008 R2). I have checked the QV logs and webserver logs and i cannot find anyting. Any assistance would be appritiated.