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    Exclude values based on IF condition

      Hi All,



      I have 2 QVDS files which I need to restrict the data at QVD level based on Region. I have a "CODE"column which has codes and other column which has "Region". Both are coming from different QVDs but mapped with common key.



      I have 'US', 'UK', 'Asia', 'Other' in the region list.  I need to exclude some values in the "CODE" Column for some countries.



      In other words, I need to Exclude A,B,C,D from the CODE column for US

      AND E,F,G,H for Asia.



      i.e IF Region = US THEN Exclude A,B,C,D from the CODE column


          IF Region = Asia THEN Exclude E,F,G,H from the CODE column



      Is that be  possible to restrict the data based on the above condition?