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    qlikview expressor error message

    sam wisegamzee

      Dear Qlikers,


      Please find the below error while writing data from qvd to oracle table.


      Compile Succeeded!

      Executable: etask.exe

      dataflow controller - ETASK-0017-N: Using Desktop license for QlikView Expressor Processor; resource utilization limited. (etask.controller)

      QlikView Expressor dataflow execution utility (etask) n (Build 27638) Apr 15 2014

      <task dataflow="Dataflow2">

      <!-- project.home[(null)], project[..] -->

      <step id="0" step_name="Step_1" process="5200" run="0" status="ok" start="2015-08-05T14:11:40">

      Write Table 1 - OPERATOR-0050-F: toolId 2.0, name 'Write Table 1' - Exception 'OutTableGenericOdbcOpException' occurred in the 'initialize' function. (Dataflow2.Step_1)

      Write Table 1 - GEN_ODBC_OP-0023-A: Operator cannot find specified table 'QV_TEMP_QVD_SQL', please verify that it exists in the database. (Dataflow2.Step_1)

      Write Table 1 - OPERATOR-0003-F: toolId 2.0, name 'Write Table 1' - the 'initialize' function failed. (Dataflow2.Step_1)

      Write Table 1 - ETOOL-0006-F: operator 2.0, type out-table, name 'Write Table 1': etool failed, phase runInitialize. (Dataflow2.Step_1)

      Write Table 1 - ETOOL-0016-A: operator 2.0, type out-table, pid 9460 - initialize() failed. (Dataflow2.Step_1)

      dataflow controller - ETASK-0079-F: Operator 'Write Table 1' has terminated unexpectedly. ID=2, status=starting (11), type='out-table', name='out-table'. (Dataflow2.controller)





      dataflow controller - ETASK-0038-F: Processing has completed abnormally. (Dataflow2.controller)



      Please help ASAP..