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    How to create a relationship matrix for displaying in Qliksense?




      I tried to search this one but could not find a previous question with


      I have created a matrix with dependencies between products and where they
      are used (example below).


      1: Now I like to display this dependencies in Qliksense so one can see in
      which types of vehicle a product is use or vice versa. I also like to be able
      to select more than one product and see where they are used or more than one
      vehicle and see what products are used.


      2: In a second step I like then link whatever combination selected in (1)
      and see sales values for that product or vehicle type.


      My problem is that I have not find a good way how to visualize this and/or
      there is a smarter way to create the relationship matrix.


      Any tips and advice is appreciated on chart types and/or how to structure
      the data matrix.


      Many thanks in advance