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    object appear/disappear special effects?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I'm going to implement some conditions on when objects are shown, and was wondering if there were any cool powerpoint-esqe type phasing in and out special effects for objects?  I rather doubt there are, but it would be neat if there were.


      I have a project to create a more guided user experience to help mitigate information overload while navigating the dashboards.  I believe I will be using conditional shows and probably other tricks to start people with only a view of the first selection they need to make (report type for instance).  Then quietly unveil each additional selection as needed until the various selections are made (or skipped if desired).  Concluding with them pushing a submit or done button that prompts the desired tables and graphs to appear (likely on a new sheet with just a clean view of the report).


      The stuff's all built, and the data structure is unchanged, just me looking for ways to rearrange and augment stuff to help new or novice people out.