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    Pareto Percent inside and outside if it


      Hello , new at the qlikview world ( and look fun so far ) i search in this forum for answer but don't find any that help so i will ask.


      i am trying do a Pareto , well the Pareto part is OK i make a button that use the Pareto select function and select the expression and the percent to select ( 80 % in my case ) now my problem is that am doing it in a table ( straight table ) and i need 2 colum , one that represent the percent inside of the pareto ( like in the 80% client X represent 20% of 100% of the 80% pareto ) and other column that represent the percent in global view

      the first column i think i am doing it ok is the sum of the expression sum(sales) with the relative option ( correct me please if i amd wrong ) but the second column am not able of doing it because in teory if i do sum({1} sales) will give me the percent of global number for that client and the sum of all that clients percent will give me 80% ( remember is a 80%).


      not sure if i make me clear ( my English is not good enough ) but if somebody can give me so hint i will very nice.




        • Pareto Percent inside and outside if it
          Oleg Troyansky

          I think you are doing all the right things - the Pareto Select using an Action, and the Set Analysis {1} to select all Sales. You might be just missing a small component... Can you describe your chart? What are your dimensions? What are your expressions?

            • Pareto Percent inside and outside if it

              like i say is a Straight Table:

              the dimension is Customer , the expression is Sum(SalesAmount) ( no the real name but is the same kind of field ) and another one witch is the same only with the relative check mark and another one with the Column1/Sum({1} SalesAmount) ( but this one is the one i not sure how do it because i want show the percent of SalesAmount that represent in the global view )

                • Pareto Percent inside and outside if it
                  Oleg Troyansky

                  OK, so I assume your Pareto Select made a selection in the Customer Field (it's actually important what field is used for selection - CustomerID, CustomerName, etc...)

                  Your first expression will show Sales for the specific Customer - that's OK.

                  Your second expression with "Relative" gives you % to total within the available (selected, associated, etc...) Customers - that's OK, too.

                  The third Expression Column1/Sum({1} SalesAmount) - right now, it shows you 100% because Customer is your Dimension, and the expression is being evaluated for each Customer separately. In order to get the % of total, you need to add keyword TOTAL:

                  Column(1)/Sum({1} TOTAL SalesAmount)

                  That should do the trick. Let me add a bit more, however... Your Set Analysis {1} might be "too strong" - it will disregard all selections - Products, Dates, Years, Divisions, etc... If you only want to disregard your Pareto Selection of Customer, you can replace it with the "softer" condition:

                  Column(1)/Sum({<Customer=>} TOTAL SalesAmount)

                  THis SA condition simply cancels the selection made in the field Customer.