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    Server reload failure

    Stewart Lancaster



      I have written my first few Qlik reports and have hit a roadblock along the way.


      Specifically i am running a simple SQL query (works fine) then storing the table into a CSV:



      Let vDate = Date(Now(), 'YYYY.MM.DD');

      let vPath = '\QlikView\2015\';let vPath = '\QlikView\BCP\2015\';



      SELECT code, fullname, sign, lastbid, lastoffer, pricedate

      FROM SYSTEM.currencies;

      STORE FX into $(vPath)CCY $(vDate).csv (txt);


      When I run this via the desktop software it works perfectly, but when i run this via the qmc on the server I get a failure.


      I have looked at the log file and get the below generc error message:


      10/08/2015 11:26:34: 0027  STORE FX into \QlikView\2015\CCY 2015.08.10.csv

      10/08/2015 11:26:34:       General Script Error

      10/08/2015 11:26:34:       Execution Failed

      10/08/2015 11:26:34:      Execution finished.


      Any ideas as to how i c