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    User Exclusive Data


      I was curious as to whether there was a way to make various data on a sheet invisible to certain users. For example if I have a dashboard for sales reps with their sales numbers and I only want them to be able to view their data and not anyone else's, would that be possible through security rules? If so how?

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          Sinan Ozdemir



          You can accomplish this by using Section Access feature:


          Here is the sample code in the Main tab - make sure that the field and column values which are based on user access are capitalized:



          First - go to Document Properties and check both "Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access" and "Prohibit Binary Load":


          Second - Insert "Section Access" code by using "Load Inline" Statement:

          From the below, you can see that I granted each user different access based on their names and mind that the column and field values are capitalized.


          Then save the document and close it. When you open it again, it will ask you to enter a password:


          In this case, I type PASS1 which is John's password and John can only see his sales figures:



          I am also attaching the qvw.


          Hope this helps.