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    search behaviour negative values

    Rudolf Linder

      I have a couple of listboxes with different formats

      when I search for a positive value (e.g. 1000) I get correct finding and pressing return, the data is selected

      when I search for a negative value (e.g. -1000) the search marks ALL values and pressing return, marks ALL data selected

      if I do a trick and search >=-1000<=-1000 I get exactly this data and I can select it


      when I use worldcard search and enter value as displayed it works???

      so: *-1.000* finds the correct value while *-1000* or -1000 does not find the value

      I checked the number it is really 1000 no decimalnumbers


      Iam using QV 11.20 SR12.


      any thoughts?

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          Stefan Wühl

          That's indeed an odd behaviour. I don't think it has something to do with your numbers, it doesn't even find textual values start with '-'.


          You can find your negative values when you switch to fuzzy search:




          or enter




          and I think even using a single quote will find the negative values




          IMO QV search is somewhat broken with regard to the minus sign, I checked hic 's blogs on the search subjects but haven't found anything relevant. Maybe the minus sign is a key word for the search itself.


          Hopefully Henric can explain the issue.

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            Vladimir Komarov

            It took a while, but I've got a response from Qlik Support:


            According to bug# QLIK-14849 and QLIK- 15675 both describe this behavior is working as design  ( not a great design in my opinion), he is what R&D has explain about it:

            "When you do global search for E and get a match on a word with É, the search suggestion will change the input line to É. The list of matches may contain words with either E or É.

            Just as E and É sorts at the same position in all locales, hyphen and single quote sorts at the same position. Other punctuation sign (e.g. double quote, dot, plus) have higher and different sorting values, and these will not match each other, but hyphen and single quote happens to share search values."


            I understand, hyphen and single quotes, are different character and the product should take it as different characters. For that I am going to reach the product manager team to look at this one more time, maybe (no guarantees) that we can make this better or at least documented so for future references and avoid any confusion.