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    What can stop my QVWS service?



      It is now occurring more frequently that all goes well but that the users can not access the modules vie AccessPoint.

      1) When I go into QVMC it indicate that all Services is running.

      2) I also go check the Services in the computer management console, it indicate all is running
      3) as soon as I run the bat file to stop and start all the Services, then I can access the modules.


      Why is this happening?


      In my log file I can see that the module did build successfully.

      It got distributed to the correct folder where users get access using AccessPoint.

      The most important module used is also 1 515 780kb in size. Scheduled to build daily at 01:00.

      The other module used is 4 706 477kb. Scheduled to build 3x a week at 20:00.