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    How to disable "Open Hub" for end user

    Chenna Reddy

      Hi All,


      Can any one let me know how we can disable "Open hub" for end user by applying any security rule.


      Requirement is,


      We have an ERP application which will have links to different QlikSense applications and ERP will define what applications are a user is eligible to see and based on that the links will be filtered in ERP.


      By having a single user directory in QlikSense UDC which has all users and when launching an application from ERP, if there is a "Open hub" option is available. then user can navigate and see applications under different streams. So we are thinking that if can disable the Open hub option with a security rule then the user has no option other than looking at the current application.


      Note : We know that by creating different directories in UDC we can achieve this, but we have wanted to control through our ERP.


      Your suggestions are welcome.


      Thank you.


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          Jeffrey Goldberg

          Have you thought about opening an application directly using the url?  In addition, if you are trying to create a guided app that doesn't allow going back out to the hub you can add a css reference to the hub.html that will contain code to hide the toolbar.


          The css reference is

          #qv-toolbar-container {



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            There is something I don't understand. From what you say, I understand that the user is redirected to Qlik Sense from the ERP but apparently there is no security there if they can navigate to the hub and see others apps and you don't want them to be able to do such thing.


            Are you using the same QS user for many ERP users and many QS apps and that's why you have the problem with the "go to hub" button and the app visibility?


            Because if you are using a different QS user for any different ERP user, you should be able to manage the security using security rules and the users wouldn't see any Stream or App they shouldn't see.