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    Incremental Load

    Mark Graham

      Hi all,


      I'm a beginner in QlikView.


      One of my QlikView application taking couple of hours to load as the data is about past 2 years.


      I wanna use Incremental load such that, first load will fetch all the records, and for the rest of the loads - it just brings the data which is newly loaded.


      I do have  a Date field.


      For eg: I have all the data till 8/9/2015 and i wanna concatenate the data from 8/10/2015 to the existing data.


      I was struggling to get the proper expression.

      Can someone help here.



      Load * from xyz.qvd .


      Incremental setup:

      Load * from xyz.qvd Where Date>=8/9/2015.

      But i wanna load only values which were not present.