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    Listbox with objects (sorted by sheet)



      I have a Dashboard in my qvw-file where I Need to integrate quicklinks to the objects (Reports in our case).

      How can I load into a table what is written in Document Properties?


      I already loaded the structure of the file (XML). But I have several Problems with that.

      I can see the existing Sheets --> very good

      I can see the existing Obejcts --> very good

      But I cant find the Information where the Object in located (in which sheet).

      The Table Shows always that the object exists in every sheet (thats not true!).


      This seems to be neccessary as I want to create quicklinks using the Trigger.

      (When I click on one field in the Listbox --> Qlikview goes into the sheet and open that object)


      Hopefully someone can help me.