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    Create single PPT with cycling values



      I have a question concerning the cycling function. I understand the way the function works, but it doesn't fit my requirements exactly. At the moment there are multiple powerpoint files with different cycled values. My goal is to have one ppt file with different slides depending on the selected (cycled) values.


      Does anyone know a possibility to handle that issue?


      Currently I'm using a VBA script to merge multiple files into one - but there could be a way to handle it without macros.

      The other way I handled it in the past was to set up different dashboards with the same layout but different selected values.


      The situation I'd like to handle:

      - Listbox with 12 different possible selections

      - start at selection 1 and create a slide with that output

      - change the value from 1 to 2 and create a new slide and so on


      I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.