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    Reload_failure_email rgd. no-more-existing qvw?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I just got a reload_failure_email from the QlikViewServer, from yesterday at 11pm - that's the time I had a new app scheduled - but the app it points to does not exist under that name anymore, nor in that directory. I have replaced it.

      There were no licenses assigned to it, either - I have a Named_CAL of course and I was the only one supposed to use it ...


      I noticed today that the .meta and .Shared files for that qvw still existed in that directory, though - so that is where QlikView stores the information for reloads, is it?

      In the log stored on the QlikViewServer, there is nothing much - that would fit this.


      Maybe this info, if someone can confirm it, might be helpful for other users, so maybe we should make it in a document.


      Best regards,