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    Single x-axis label for stacked bar chart / multiple line chart

    Ronny Wroblewski

      Dear Community,


      I try to create a label on the x-axis which define what kind of value is used (track, expected or budget).



      As long I use a single dimension there is no problem to achieve it but I need also the same for stacked bar chart / multiple line chart.



      The problem is that my axis label also multiply in accordance amount of my second dimension values. I tried  a lot but couldn't achieve a single axis label.


      If someone has an idea/advice or a solution how to achieve it please share. Please also let me know when you sure that this can't be achieve.


      Some additional infos:

      1)In the final application there also x-axis scroll bar is enabled when more than 10 values (1st dimension) are selected,

        so using a second object on top of graph isn't an option.

      2)In the final application is a list box to switch between different 2nd dimensions which also contain a lot different values,

      so using set analysis to create a separate expression is also not possible.


      Please feel free to use the attached sample application.

      Best Regards,