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    need only last 4 four weeks data

      Hi Experts,


      I am new to qlikview.

      Here is my requirement

      I nee to display last 4 weeks data from max(date) only and it should roll up week wise. Here date I am getting as time stamp.

      I know how to get week wise data. But problem is to get last 4 weeks data only.

      Can somebody help me on this issue.




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          Jonathan Dienst

          Create a table with the week as the dimension, and the following expression:

               =Sum({<datefield = {">=$(Date(Max(datefield) - 28)) <=$(=Date(Max(datefield)))"}>} metricfield)


          Replace datefield and metricfield with the correct fieldnames.

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            Rudolf Linder

            you can do it either in calculated dimension or in Expression using set Analysis


            calculated Dimension:

            if (week(yourdatefield)>=week(max(yourdatefield))-4 and week(max(yourdatefield), week(yourdatefield)



            Be Aware that weeks before week 4 will not goback to previous year week (eg 52)


            if you have a weekfield the expressions can be easier

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                Jonathan Dienst

                You can let Qlikview take care of some of that, so if a calculated dimension is preferred:


                     Dimension: If(datefield >= Max(datefield) - 28 And datefield <= Max(datefield), week(datefield))

                     Expression: Sum(metricfield)


                (But I think the set analysis on the metric in my first post will be faster if you are dealing with a large data set)