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    Gantt Chart w/ Second Line Expression - Possible?

      I'm trying to create a Gantt chart in Qlikview that also has a second expression.

      The basic idea is that I have start and end dates of events, whose duration I need to show in horizontal bars similar to a Gantt chart.

      The Y-Axis dimensions would be the Events. And the X-Axis expression would be the duration of the Events, based on their start and end dates.

      I was able to achieve this based on this tutorial: QlikView Addict: Gantt Charts in QlikView.

      Next I need to add the second expression shown as a line over time, which would be a sum of a metric, based on the same time frame shown on the X-axis, irrespective of each Event.


      So there would be a gantt chart showing the horizontal bars of each Event, and a line showing the sum Revenue over the same time.

      Basically, the goal is to show how multiple Events running simultaneously affect Revenue over time.


      Is this possible in Qlikview?

      Thanks in advance!