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    Drill-Down & Cyclic Groups Preference

    Jason Campbell

      This is not a technical question, I’m just trying to gauge my perception of a what I personally refer to as a Qlikview design best practice.


      I rarely use Drill-Down & Cyclic Groups.  They’re only used if the end-user is somewhat familiar with QV and available screen real estate demands it.  Otherwise, it’s list boxes.  My perception is that these groups are not very intuitive and I like to show needed metrics in one snapshot.  They’re not bad, by any means.  Just not my preference.


      Hope this doesn’t feel like a waste of time to anyone.  If just a few people would post their preference, I would greatly appreciate it. A simple DDCG = Yes, or DDCG = No, is perfect  (DDCG = Drill Down Cyclic Groups).  Maybe I’m way out in left field and need to design differently moving forward.