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    Create a field in the data model that allows selecting excluded values

      Hi all,


      Hope you can support me with the following:

      I have four input tables (from Excel) with the client base and specific flags (Type, Region & Importance).




      Now I am trying to select all the clients, which meet following criteria:

      • Client type is not VIP
      • Client is not from EUROPE
      • Importance is not High


      The result should be Company E, Company F and Company J.

      As you see, first table contains all clients from the database. But only few of them are included in the other 3 tables. Thus tables 2, 3 and 4 have missing values for some clients.

      As I understand possible approach could be to create new fields in the script and add basically a flag.

      Something like this:

      LOAD [Client_ID],
      ooxml, embedded labels, table is type);

      LOAD [Client_ID],
      If( Exists([Client_ID]), Dual('VIP', True()), Dual('No', False()) ) as [Client type]
      ooxml, embedded labels, table is Base);


      But it seems to work only for one table. Do you know, how can I include remaining two tables as well? Shoul I follow a different approach?

      Many thanks!


      Best Regards