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    Active Directory configuration on server

    cristian ivanoff

      Hi all!

      I have a question regarding active directory and configuration.


      We have two servers - SERVER1 = Publisher + QMC, SERVER2 = QVS


      We use section access and I have built tables within QMC in Users->Section Access Management. I have added user groups within our AD-catalogue as NTNAME. On top of the screen it says "Search for Users in - SERVER1" where SERVER1 is a dropdown list and is the only server available.


      On the other hand - on the document itself when I point out the groups for distribution theres also a dropdown list but here the only server available is SERVER2 (QVS). Shouldnt this be SERVER1? And how do I change the configuration to have another server on the dropdown list? Is this a problem at all?


      I have noticed that some users never get the distributed documents. Thats why I'm asking.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help,