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    Refresh Date - Text Box

    Phil Speight

      I have several different data sources all going into one dashboard report.  Each tab has a different theme.....


      Employed staff

      Starters & Leavers

      Additional Hours

      Agency working

      Sickness Levels


      I have created a single table which holds the date and time each data source was last refreshed.  (see below)


      Refresh_Date                Area

      2015-08-13 14:17:33      Employed Staff Refreshed

      2015-08-13 14:35:29      Starters_Leavers Refreshed

      2015-08-13 14:41:41      Additional Hours Refreshed

      2015-08-13 14:35:30      Agency Refreshed

      2015-08-13 14:35:40      Sickness Refreshed


      I want to create a text box that only shows the relevant refresh date for each tab.


      I have done this before when there was only 1 row in the data (e.g. ='Data last refreshed '&Refresh_Date), however I am unsure how I can get my text box to show the date for each separate row, based on the tab (i.e.  only show refresh date for Sickness on the sickness Tab, only show Employed Staff date on Employed Staff tab, etc)

      Any thoughts?