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    Suggestion for Calendar.qvs

    Ian Tsang

      In the Calendar script there is a function to add fiscal months, the output of which currently displays Fiscal Month in the format:


      1. Apr

      2. May

      3. Jun etc.


      Could the default be without the number prefix, so instead of

      Dual(Num(Month(AddMonths([$(vL.DateFieldLinkName)],$(vL.MonthsLeftFiscalDates)))) & '. ' & Month([$(vL.DateFieldLinkName)]),Num(Month(AddMonths([$(vL.DateFieldLinkName)],$(vL.MonthsLeftFiscalDates))))) AS [$(vL.CalendarTableName) Fiscal Month],

      It defaults to:

      Dual(Month([$(vL.DateFieldLinkName)]), Num(Month(AddMonths([$(vL.DateFieldLinkName)],$(vL.MonthsLeftFiscalDates))))) AS [$(vL.CalendarTableName) Fiscal Month],


      This way, Fiscal Month outputs like the normal calendar, but will still retain the appropriate order:




      Jun etc.